Name: Marguerite
Call her:Moonlight

Age: At the beginning she’s 15, by the end she’s 18.
Life: She is a daughter of always traveling rich parents. She lives on her own in a big apartment; she has people for the housekeeping. Marguerite spends the summer in her house by the sea.
Main traits: Independent, despotic and arrogant.
Special: She possesses a gift to read people’s mind and talk to dead ones. She’s attracted by witchcraft and study about magic and potions.
She has a medallion which she believes have certain powers.
Soundtrack: P!nk
Paul is her boyfriend and her best friend, she’s in love with him and he’s basically the only living person she cares about.
Mike is the only other friend she has. She feels a special thing about him and she considers him as her soul mate.
Stacy is her main enemy. Marguerite despises her and search ways to torture her.
Candy, Nana and Stan are persons who annoy Marguerite. She doesn’t hate them or anything but she’d rather not talk with them.
Joe is a rival for her because of his potential and his insolent behavior. She feels intimidated by him.
Name: Paul
Call him: Sunshine

Age: At the beginning he’s 16, by the end he’s 19.
Life: He’s from a small town, but he moved from there when he entered high school. He lives in a crappy apartment on his own and he’s happy about it.
Main traits: caring, funny, a bit moody
Special: Nothing in particular, but understanding Marguerite is quite the speciality.
Soundtrack: Roxette / Queen
He loves Marguerite, but she’s not easy to deal with. He never gives up though.
That doesn’t stop him from hanging out with Stacy. He really wants them to be just friends, but you know how it happens.
Candy is his best friend, or even more like a sister. An elder sister.
Nana helped him travel trough the other dimension, so he feels bound to take care of her when she stepped into his world. He has no problem doing that. Only Marguerite has.
He doesn’t like Stan though he has no explanation why. Stan just annoys him. So does Jack.
Name: Louise
Call her: Candy

Age: At the beginning she’s 16, by the end she’s 19.
Life: She’s a normal school girl. She lives with her parents and helps with the laundry.
Main traits: Loyal, caring and funny.
Special: She likes to climb the rooftops and watch the sunset. She has a favorite scarf that she carries in all seasons.
Soundtrack: Roxette
Paul is her all time best friend. They are together almost all the time and do crazy stuff. She’s the person who helps him and brings him to his senses.
Nana is a friend of hers. Candy really likes being with her ‘cause they can talk about girls stuff.
Marguerite is strange to Candy. She tries to be friends with her but she doesn’t understand Marguerite’s rude behavior.
Stacy is basically the same case. Candy wishes she could get along with her but Stacy is too haughty.
Stan is Candy’s friend. She likes his company and finds him an interesting person.
Name: Stacy-Stell
Call her: Stell, Stellar, Stacy

Age: At the beginning she’s 16, by the end she’s 19.
Life: Stacy is from a rich family, she gets everything she wishes for. She’s one of the most popular girls in high school.
Main traits: Sensitive, selfish and overproud.
Soundtrack:Avril Lavigne
Paul is the ex-boyfriend she’s still in love with. “Love” would be too much to say, but she is very attracted to him and tries to get his attention.
Marguerite is the person she hates the most. They are always in a fight.
Candy and Nana aren’t her friends. She dislikes them but she barely knows them.
Name: Stanly
Call him: Stan

Age:At the beginning he’s 18, by the end he’s 21.
Life: He’s of an old family that is quite wealthy.
Main traits: Inquisitive, friendly and helpful.
Special: He’s very into solving mysteries and old stories.
Joe is his cousin but they aren’t close.
Marguerite is someone he considers as friend despite her bad attitude towards him.
Basically he is friendly to everyone.
Name: Mike
Life: He lived in a house by the sea. His mother died when he was 8 and his father traveled by sea a lot, so he spent his time quite lonely.
Main traits: arrogant, unsociable, egoistic
Special: He’s kind of… dead. He’s a ghost.
Soundtrack:The Cure
Marguerite is the only person who’s able to see him and to talk to him. He enjoys her attention, they’re much alike.
Name: Nana / Janine
Call her: just Nana ^^
Age: When she first appears she’s 19, by the end she’s 20.
Life: Nana has no parents. She grew up in the other dimension among many others, living in tree houses in the forest. She leads a happy careless life full of fun and idleness.
Main traits: Free spirit, curious and fun loving.
Special: She has the habit to steal small objects. Call it kleptomania.
Soundtrack: Madonna
Jack is someone she knows since forever, a friend of hers. She likes him a lot but she’s very irresponsible about their friendship.
Candy is her closest friend. Nana trusts in her and feels she can say anything to her.
Paul is her friend, she likes him but she doesn’t get him.
Marguerite is a person Nana considers as “boring”. They don’t talk much.
Name: Jack
Life: He’s from the other dimension. He grew up with Nana.
Main traits: Patronizing, pessimistic, funny
Special: He’s a wolf… ^_^
Nana is very dear to him. They grew up together and he thinks about her as a little girl to take care for. Jack thinks he knows what’s best for her, that’s why he tries to control her. Despite all that he’s kind of attracted to her and get jealous of her male friends.
Paul annoys him a lot, Jack doesn’t want to have anything in common with him.
Marguerite and he met in strange circumstances and he end up thinking she’s a total nut case.
Name: Jonathan
Call him: Joe ( He hates “Jonathan” )
Age: When he appears he’s 16.
Main traits: curious, smart, nasty
Special: He has abilities similar to Marguerite’s, but they’re not fully revealed.
He’s a cousin of Stan. He doesn’t really like him, or at least he says so.
At first he’s drawn to Marguerite, but she quickly repulses him with her attitude. He then starts to feel like a competitor to her and despises her.
He pays attention to Stacy, because she hates Marguerite too. Or at least he says so.

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