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This is a story about a boy and a girl who met in the summer and fell in love. But the end of the summer parted them for a long time. The meeting again wasn't as happy as they expected... Between them stand a lot of differences.She being a loner, attracted by witchcraft and some serious supernatural stuff. He being a sociable fellow with a childish behaviour. But most of all he having a new girlfriend ;) The story has four parts, each one made in a different year: 1. The Riddle ('07) 2. Marg's revenge ('06) 3. Who's that girl? ('07/'08) 4. Passing by Midnight ('08/'09)

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Part 4 epilogue p 3
Part 4 epilogue p 3

Part 4 - Passing by Midnight

Someone new is crossing the doorstep of the house full of ghosts.
Once again to walk in a dream.
Sunshine and Moonlight have to find their way, even though their lives seemed so right till now.

And for all of them something is ending.
The dream...or the reality.

Before you wake up it all seem so real.
But waking up is the hardest part.

50 thanks

I just want to say 'thank you' to you 50 people who faved 'Sun Meets Moon'.
I hope you enjoy the story! We're reaching the end (not very soon, but soon enough). I will be pleased to know what do you think about it when it's over!

Part 3 - Who's that girl?

Too many secrets in Moonlight's life...Too many girls in Sunshine's.
This could mean only one thing - trouble in paradise !

On the other side of the world someone is taking on a journey that is leading to a mess where basically everyone is involved.

What happens when you don't use a love potion on prescription and a party is just getting started?

All this and more in Part 3, but no answer on the question "Who's that girl?" ...

A layout of one's own

Thanks to the wonderful MaewRealSugar who showed me some html tricks we now have a layout of our own!
I like how it turned out, but we may have more chages.
Till then - enjoy!

*Peace Out!*

Part 2 - Marg's Revenge

After a short time of happiness Moonlight is once again angry and not without a reason. What she can possibly do to get her revenge on a lousy boyfriend?

She has only her black magic powers to trust in...

Meanwhile it turns out that an other dimension exist right under people's nouse. One of it's wacky inhabitants is most delighted to help Sunshine in a very unusual way.

Part 1 - The Riddle

It strats like a typical teenage ghost story - car trouble, big old house and a dead guy...As the chapters go on, you realise that no one of the teens is ever goin' to be killed by the all so evil ghost.

Then you ask yourself what,what is this story all about?

I have no answer on that one, but it shows how a perfectly selfish person starts to actually care about another living thing...or not exactly living.
And if it still doesn't make sence to you, there is a murder to solve.

Sun meets Moon? Not so much but there is Part 2 comming!

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